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It is a matter of general belief that taxes on income and wealth are of recent origin but there is enough evidence to show that taxes on income in some form or the other were levied even in primitive and ancient communities. The origin of the word "Tax" is from "Taxation" which means an estimate. These were levied either on the sale and purchase of merchandise or livestock and were collected in a haphazard manner from time to time. Nearly 2000 years ago, there went out a decree from Ceaser Augustus that all the world should be taxed. Read More >>

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The Goods and Services Tax is a major indirect tax reform introduced in India from 01-07-2017 by amalgamating a large number of Central & State taxes into a single tax. GST is a dual levy wherein both the Center and State levy CGST and SGST simultaneously on the value of intra State supply. Integrated Goods and Service Tax is levied by Centre in the case of inter-State supplies including imports and exports. Input tax credit can be availed even on goods and services received from other States. Read More >>


The Companies Act 2013 is an Act of the Parliament of India on Indian company law which regulates incorporation of a company, responsibilities of a company, directors, dissolution of a company. The 2013 Act is divided into 29 chapters containing 470 sections as against 658 Sections in the Companies Act, 1956 and has 7 schedules. Read More >>