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Our Mentor Shri S Sethuraman, commenced on his own practise in 1962 after graduating from the stables of his illustrious Guru Shri GB as he is fondly known; converted in April 1982 as a Chartered Accountancy firm under the name “Sethuraman & Srivatsan”.

Ours is a spin off the erstwhile firm in 2017 constituted by S. Kalyanaraman & R Parvatham who were key management personnel and partners of that firm.

SKR Co is based out of Chennai with branch office at Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.

Our strategic policy is concentric operations and accordingly we render specialized and innovative professional services with speed, accuracy and reliability.

It is speed that derives from sizeable infrastructural support and an extensive base of associates, accuracy that result from an understanding of the science and reliability that only commitment can bestow.

Today our world is being brought together not simply by the mandate of nations, but by the power of individuals who allow themselves to hope for a better life. Nothing holds greater possibility than a world with hope for its own future. Although the road may not be easy or quick we think we can help our clients achieve even greater success.

Our mission is to serve our clients with creativity, which is brought about by out of the box thinking, enthusiasm, which stems from the blend of young, experience and dynamic team members, diligence assured by cumulative years of firms experience and vision which is captured by pre-empting client needs. This principle is at the heart of our work.

Mission & Vision

Mission : To create and disseminate knowledge in accounting and information systems through collaborative relationships.

Vision : A global leader in creating and disseminating expertise in making business happen.

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